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You are Now Entering the Realm of Lindsay

Hello there everyone! Welcome to my page! I hope you don't find me too strange. (Well, okay, you'd better find me pretty strange. Otherwise, I'll have disappointed myself.) I'll give you a little info: I am 16 years old and I live in Florida with my dad. I am a high school sophomore, and I enjoy acting with my school. I want to become an actress someday. I like horesback riding, and my mom and her boyfriend have two horses, Travis and Copper, that I love playing with whenever I visit them in California. I love drawing and writing, especially strange poetry and short stories. As stated before, I live with my dad and his girlfriend Ileana. My mom lives in California with my sister Jennifer. My mom has a long-time boyfriend who has three kids, Carrie, Krystal, and Matt. I have a couple of pets: my golden retriever Brandy and my parakeet, Flit. Ileana also has a parrot named Cindy that lives here. I have more pets, but they're still in California with my mom. We have three cats, Punkin, C.C., and Eddie. Also, my mom's boyfriend has the two horses and a cow named Wynnona. Well, that's it for the short summary. Go ahead and look at the rest of my page. Go on now. What're you waiting for? Huh? HUH??

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Meow.  Purrr.
This is my pretty kitty, Cassandra. Click on the sign to adopt your own pet at Pets-4-You!
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