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Other Cool Pages

Well, as you probably guessed, I have a lot of interests. Therefore, I have a lot of pages that I like to visit. I figured that I'd be nice and share these pages with you peoples. Here ya go. Enjoy!

My Friends' Pages

Alison's Page, aka The Flaming Realm of Faeries
Ed's Page, aka Elsdragon's Page
Mark's Page, aka About Maxmouze
Kari and Jen's Page, aka 109 World
Sabrina's Page, aka Puck's Home Page
Sabrina's Other Page, aka Stare At Moons and Wish Upon Stars
Kevin's Page, aka Welcome to my Strange World
Grady's Home Page

Really Cool Stores

Hot Topic Online--A really cool Gothic/Freak store
dELiAs*com--Kinda preppy, but they've got some good stuff

Acting/Music Sites

Denise's Broadway Fan Page--She's got some really cool Broadway song sound wavs
The International Lyrics Server--Find the lyrics to just about any song
Musical Theater--Some cool links to pages on different musicals

The Strange and Paranormal

The Shadowlands Ghosts Page--Do you believe in ghosts? You will after seeing this page!
Urban Myths--Find out where all those weird stories originated, and if any are true
Catala's Wicca Page--Tons of good info on Wicca, plus stuff about candles and aromatherapy links to pages on Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, and others

Assorted Fun Stuff

The Love Calculator--Find out if you and your mate are a match (p.s.-try Romeo and Juliet)
Fortune Cookie
Don't Worry. Be Happy!

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