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My Fabulous Pets

Being an animal lover, I have always wanted to have bunches of pets. My animals are like my children, so I want to share them with you. I don't have pictures of all of them yet, so be patient.

I have three cats living in California: Punkin, Eddie, and C.C. Punkin came to us from my sister's friend. She was given as a birthday present, but the girl was allergic to cats, so we took her in. She was so little when we got her! We were lucky enough to discover Eddie at the Petsmart Adoption Center. His cute face just begged us to take him home, so we did. C.C. stands for Community Cat, because she's lived in almost every house in the neighborhood at one point in time or another. She took over our household as soon as my mom and her boyfriend moved in.

My dog Brandy lives with me. She's a psycho-mutt. She's a golden retriever and very cute, but she has a bad habit of mowing people over and licking them.

Our two horses, Copper and Travis, are both Arabian-Thoroughbred crosses. Copper is beautiful, but not very rideable. Travis is the butt-head of the herd and earns all the scars that the other horses give him, but he's sweet to me.

Wynonna...Moo!Baby RebaBaby Reba
Our cow Wynonna just had a baby named Reba. I haven't seen her in person yet, but her picture's cute, isn't it?

This page is dedicated to my deceased dog and cat, Zeke and Urchin. We miss you guys very much!

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