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My Friends

This page is my tribute to all my best buds. I love you guys! Really! I mean it!

Well, I have to explain my buds in groups. First, there's the Sailor Moon crowd. There's Ali, who I met almost three years ago. She's a great actress, a die-hard Sailor Moon fan, and a dedicated Wiccan. She has her own page. Liza is another Wiccan chick, and she throws the best birthday parties. Holly is a major school freak (let me put it this way: she studies Calculus in her free time!) but she can really let loose and have fun when she wants to. Then there's the stage crowd. This includes Kari, a Hanson freak who's in love with Zac. She's determined to become stage manager for our high school. She and Jennifer also have their own page. Then there's also Alexis and Shari. Last but not least, there's the Other crowd. Phil is a really weird guy, but he's really cool. I don't know how to explain him. Lauren is one of my horseback riding friends that I've known since fifth grade. She's strange, but cool. She also wants me to mention the fact that she's cynical and neurotic. Then there's Ed. Right now, I don't know where Ed fits in, so I'll put him in the Other crowd and he'll help me work it out later. I met Ed at my friend's going-away party, where we dressed him in drag (and the frightening part was that he looks good as a woman). Also, he has an intimate relationship with me now because we used my bra to make his womanlyness more realistic (hee hee). Here's Ed's page. Luke is my "big brother." I met him through Ed. He's a pain in the ass, but we have fun. He knows just how to annoy me though, and he does whatever he can to drive me insane. There's also Nina, Eliana (Bunny), Anna, Olga, Stephan (Palpatine), Melanie, Brett, Mike, Sabrina (aka Bob), Katharine, Danielle, and Erin. Then there's my California buds. There's Kalena and Jeordie, two huge Marilyn Manson fans and some of the coolest people I know. Mark is my best guy friend in California. I met him in a play, and he's a great actor and poet. Make sure to check out Mark's Poetry Page. Some of my other CA people include Grady, Mike, David, Danny, Milton, Carrie I., Alicia, Sara, Matise, and Demitri. I also have my cousin Kevin, who lives in PA.

If I forgot anyone, I am truly, deeply, immensely sorry, and you can beat me up later.

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