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My Writings

These are just a few of my poems. I know they're probably stupid and no one wants to hear them, but if so, then you can just leave! Hee hee.

How does it feel to know that
the one you love
is the one you can't have?
Is it a throbbing pain in your heart
or a taunting, teasing voice in your head?
Is it an infinite sadness pulling at your life
or simply a knowledge that you can't be together?
Is it all of these things
or none?
Perhaps it is a combination of these
and many more
that crush you from the inside out
until you give up.
Don't ask me, for I have already been

We are the Children of the Night
We rejoice at the setting of the Sun
The Moonlight is our companion
It is our only Friend
We are all things Unholy
We are the Feared, yet we fear not
Bathed in the glow of the Moon
We are their Lost Souls
Never to be Found again

I don't know what we're coming to
Killing, rape, drugs, suicide
It's become and everyday occurance
Prostitutes, drug dealers, child molesters
Living right next door
And no one cares
No one even looks at the paper anymore
Because they know what they'll see
For we have created a brave new world
We'd have to be brave

My friend Mark is an excellent poet--way better than anyone else I know, and probably better than some of the stuff I've seen published. I keep telling him that he needs to get his work published, but apparently he's fine with just having all his great poetry sitting around on my webpage. Since I can't convince him to put his works in a book, I'll do the next best thing and set aside an entire page for him. Just click on "The Works of Mark" on my link list. (And Mark, if you don't get them published, I will :)

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