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The Works of Mark

All of the following poems were written by my friend Mark. They should be in a number one bestselling book right now, but for the moment, they are more than welcome to stay on my page.

a murderer with a mouth as a weapon
prepares to strike his victim
with sharp words that cut and kill
he doesn't look back
just commits the crime
as if it was not of concern

he wants the head of a man as a trophy
to show off to his friends
he wants to hunt for sport, without realizing
what he is taking away

and one day he will turn and see
all the souls he has corrupted
and they will haunt him
the ghostly figures won't let him be free
but hopefully his shame will kill him
before their cold hands do

How can I just be friends
with someone who has touched me
loved me
opened me up to find things inside that were never revealed
How can I travel with you
without kissing you and holding you
without needing you to complete me
how can we just be friends now?
we've been so much already

The pages are worn with dust
I haven't opened it in so long
How can someone sew their heart to it
I wanted first dibs
But this book elbowed me out of the way
How can my true love turn me down for this book

Inside are messages that so many people need
But how far do you take each verse
I know someone who takes it to the moon and back
I wanted to be loved
By the one who I would gladly give my heart up to
But all I am is sin based on the trilogies of this book

This book is killing me
and making me half a person
because the only one to complete me
is more attracted to it than me
I am evil, I am unholy
I am just like your secret identity
But my actions speak louder than words
And I am inhumane based on those pages

This encyclopedia
to the world as some know it
Has a big X over my face
I want to grab it out of your hands
And free them to hold me
But I can't because it's grasp is too tight
on your arms, too stubborn to be released

How can I talk to someone
who only wants to discuss
one thing - this horrid book
that competes with me for your affection
How can I open up my life
And become a human
If you tell me everything I am is bad
Based on your only love - this horrid book

I want to scream
I want to blind you
so you can never read
I want to hold your hand
and comfort you
without having to be
a character, a role
from this book
This horrid book
This horrid book so many cherish
It seems like a good read
But it is taking you away from me
You're all I have, you're all I need
It's now taking you away from me
I reach for your heart
And come back empty handed
It's not in your soul
but in between those numbered pages

I'm drowning in this river
I need you to save me
But your hands are full
clutching the bound paper
"I can't get it wet
I can't let it be ruined"
you call, waving goodbye
So I die
You let me die
And disappear
Because I was a threat to your book

Help me somebody
but there's nobody
I can't do this alone
but there's nobody
They say there is strength in numbers
I am very feeble

leads to research
I find you
I find a new way to slip you my number
leads to a labrynth
that twists and turns
I find a new way to tell you how I feel
I try to play it cool
I try to be a stranger
You are too smart for me
You accuse me of mean things
All of them are true
You slap me and beat me
But it was inevitable
I entered the crime scene
without a plan
and improvisation would not save me
You knew it
You knew I was struggling
And you knew about the attraction
So you hit me
And beat me
Until I was bloody and blue
But worst of all you ran away
Never to return
I am still attracted to you...
now what?

There are many more poems where those came from. I will slowly but surely be adding them onto this page, but since school is starting, it may take a few weeks to get them all up. Keep checking back!

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