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The Great Bovinius


In my mythology class, we had to make up our own modern god and myths to go with it. I was in a group with my boyfriend Ed and his two friends, and if you've seen Ed's webpage, you'll know that he's obsessed with cows. That is how Bovinius came to be. Bovinius is the Titan Protector of Cows. He has a magical flyswatter and a bullwhip as some of his weapons, and he has the power to turn humans into cows. We got a little obsessive with this god, and he is now a part of our everyday existance. For example:

'And God said "Let there be cows" and Bovinius sprang forth from the fields with a mighty Moo!'


'And the cows of Bovinius let forth a mighty Moo! which shattered the earth and all its non-believers'

I'll add some more myths about Bovinius when I come up with them, but don't hold your breath too long.

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