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Flya and Taurus

Back in the days when Davie was young, Bovinius was living out his days happily and lazily, but that was not to last. One afternoon, he spotted Flya, a beautiful young girl. He fell instantly in love with her, but not wanting to marry too hastily, he asked the girl only to come and live with him. Flya, not wishing to anger the Titan, agreed. She was not faithful, however, and she sneaked out to secretly meet her true love, Taurus, whenever Bovinius was asleep, which was often. This went on for quite some time, and Bovinius never noticed. Being so much like the cows he had created, he was not too incredibly bright.

One day, Flya was not as careful as she should have been. As she was leaving Bovinius's home to see Taurus, she was spotted by Lucenta, the Goddess Protector of Milkmaids. Being close friends with Bovinius, Lucenta recognized the girl at once and, becoming suspicious, followed her to a nearby field where she saw Flya and Taurus greet each other with an extremely mushy kiss.

Lucenta had seen enough. She ran back to Bovinius's house and woke the sleeping Titan. She told him what had happened and of his girlfriend's unfaithfulness. In his anger, Bovinius skipped the large step of calling Jerry Springer. He raced to the field, where he found Flya and Taurus still together. He instantly turned Taurus into a bull and then began to drag Flya back home. Flya, however, refused to return with Bovinius. She insisted that she wanted to stay with Taurus. Bovinius then turned her into an insect, saying (in the usual flowery language that most Greek immortals seemed to like), "Now you shall forever swarm around your love, but your embrace will annoy him to no end. I have fashioned his tail in the likeness of my magic flyswatter, and he will forever try to kill you because you love him too much to let go."

Bovinius then gave the bull to Lucenta as a thank-you gift for opening his eyes to Flya's cheating. However, Taurus had become extremely ill-tempered from the combination of being turned into a bull and being plagued by Flya. He attempted to injure the goddess as she led him home one day. Being a goddess, his horns had no effect on her except to seriously tick her off. Later, Lucenta became well known for inventing the hamburger and giving it to man.

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