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by Ed

       ...And it was foretold by the fates that a man of seemingly useless power that they had let live many centuries earlier would bring about the destruction of the world which they had known and come to enjoy their reign over.

        ...Bovinius was this man. Bovinius, as it was known, had been living in the land of Davie in the guise of Ed. He was quite sore at the fact that he was never again to return to Mount Olympus and he resented Zeus for thrusting this state-of-affair upon him. So as the years passed, he slowly saved up his power for one last and final effort to return to Paradise.

        ...The day had come when the time ws right for him to make his move. Summoning power from the very depths of his soul, he transformed every living man, woman, and child into a bovine. With his army of cows, bulls, and other bovine creatures, he opened the way for them to stampede toward Mount Olympus. While they began the assault on the realm of the gods, he ventured off into the distant realm of Tartarus and, summoning a large portion of his remaining power, he released his Titan brothers and sisters from their captivity.

        ...With the help of his kindred, he attacked and destroyed Mount Olympus and the Earth on which he lived for so many lifetimes. Mankind as it was known had ceased to be. Bovinius created a new world for his precious bovines and he placed the cows in high command, and for the gods and goddesses...Tartarus!

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