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Disney Chicks


We all know all the Disney classics by heart...Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty...but I think that my favorite aspect of the Disney movies are the heroines. The chicks are always the best part. I mean, none of the heroes would even be heroes if it weren't for their girlfriends. Aladdin became a prince for Jasmine, Quasimodo was fighting to save Esmerelda, and John Smith only wanted the best for Pocahontas. This page is dedicated to all the wonderful Disney chicks.
Belle at the BallBelleThe RoseBelle
This chick brings new meaning to the phrase "Belle of the Ball." Belle is beautiful, smart, caring, and, best of all, she doesn't fall for the first handsome (though annoying) guy that likes her.
ArielArielI wanna be where the people areSplash!
Ariel, that lovable little mermaid, right here on my page! I love Ariel, I really do, even if she is a little naive.
Jasmine, lookin' sexy!
Jasmine is great...she's wonderfully sarcastic. Just remember to watch out for Rajah!
Here's the famous Mist Picture...I think it makes her look incredibly beautiful. The best part is that she's got brains to go with that beauty.
Dance, la Esmerelda, Dance!EsmereldaTambourine Girl
Here she is...the wonderful, talented, stunning Esmerelda! Can you see now why she's my favorite?
MegaraI won't say I'm in love
The lovely Megara...I love her sarcasm. Also, she's the only "Greek" heroine I've ever heard of try to stand up to a psycho-centaur by herself.

Animated Heroines
Check out this awesome has a whole bunch of chicks that kick cartoon butt.

My All-Time Favorite Disney Chicks

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