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RENT is the perfect musical for the 90s...I wish I could have seen it when it came down here to Florida. It's about a group of friends who are pretty much forced to deal with what life throws them. Roger is a musician who is searching for "his song." Mimi, a stripper, is also a drug addict and in love with Roger. Collins was a student at MIT until "they expelled me for my theory of actual reality, which I'll soon impart to the couch potatoes at New York University." Angel, his boyfriend, is a cross-dressing street performer. These four are all dealing with life with AIDS in their own ways. There's also Maureen and Joanne, two lesbians with a rocky relationship, and Benny, the sleazy, sneaky landlord who used to be a friend until he married a wealthy young woman and moved out on the group. Mark, a young filmmaker, watches life pass by through the lens of his camera. The play is about the group learning to deal with life, death, love, and money, all during the course of a year. All you have to remember is one sentence:
No day but today.

Roger and Mimi

One Song Glory
Today 4 U
Tango: Maureen
Seasons of Love
Your Eyes
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