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I saw this play at the Melodrama Theatre in Oildale, California, and it was excellent. It's a great play centering around the love lives of two Guys and their Dolls. Nathan Detroit has been going with Adelaide for the last fourteen years, but he shows no signs of wanting to marry her, even though she has been suffering from a cold caused by their lack of a wedding band. Also, Nathan is running an underground crap game that she's not too fond of. He finds himself short of cash and bets his friend Sky Masterson that he can't take a girl (the local Salvation Army leader Sara) to Cuba for dinner. He succeeds, but finds himself accidentally falling in love with Sara. She, however, finds out that the whole trip was a bet and is, needless to say, very upset. However, Sky makes up for it by winning a crap game that sends a dozen sinners to her weekly Salvation Army meeting. In the end, everything works out great, as things have a way of doing in musicals. Adalaide finally convinces Nathan to marry her, Sara and Sky get hitched as well, and Sky gives up his life as a sinner to devote himself to saving souls along with his wife. This is an excellent play, a great comedy, and basically a feel-good kinda musical. If you ever see it, make sure to watch for Nicely-Nicely, Nathan's right hand man. He's a real card.

Guys and Dolls Lyrics

The Oldest Established
Adelaide's Lament
Take Back Your Mink
Luck Be a Lady
Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat
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