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This play is almost impossible to explain. It's a mixed-up fairytale that kind of centers around a bunch of people including Cinderella, Jack (as in Beanstalk), Little Red Ridinghood, and the Baker and his wife. Cinderella, of course, wants to go to the Ball, Jack has no money, Little Red has to get to her Grandmother's house, and the Baker and his wife want to have a child but, unfortunately, can't. They find out later that the Witch next door put a spell on the Baker's father, making it impossible for anyone in their family to have children. (The Baker was already born of course, and his newborn sister that he never knew about was taken and raised by the Witch.) The Witch offered to reverse the spell if they did a series of tasks for her, which they gladly did. Meanwhile, Cinderella finds her way to the Ball, Jack discovers the giants at the top of the Beanstalk, and Little Red gets to Granny's after a run-in with the wolf. We are, by then, also familiar with Rapunzel, the girl that the Witch took from the Baker's parents, and the two princes, one of which loves Cinderella, the other is obsessed with Rapunzel. Later, the Baker and his wife have their child, Cinderella marries her prince, and Jack is rich from what he found in the giants' home. However, the giants are pissed and come down to take back what is theirs, killing Rapunzel and the Baker's wife (as well as the Narrator, creating utter confusion among the cast) in the process. Now nobody's happy anymore, so they have to go back into the woods to work things out again. They do, but it's very complicated to try and explain, so let's just say that the play does have a happy ending. The play is not nearly as confusing when it's seen live. In fact, I have done it absolutely no justice, so you'll just have to trust me in the fact that it's a very fun play and you should go see it to understand it better.

Into the Woods Lyrics

Hello, Little Girl
I Know Things Now
On the Steps of the Palace
Last Midnight
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