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Oliver! is about a young orphan boy growing up in Charles Dickens-era London. after escaping from the workhouse where he's lived most of his life, Oliver meets Dodger, a young pickpocket, who in turn introduces him to Fagin, the leader of a large gang of boys-turned-thieves. Oliver meets Nancy, a singing, dancing, former thief who is dating Bill Sykes, the infamous man rumored to be the best theif in all of England. On Oliver's first pickpocket run, he gets caught, but it is later found that he was innocent, so he is taken to the home of the wealthy Mr. Brownlow. However, Fagin sends Nancy and Bill out to retrieve him. They bring him back, but Nancy decides that it would be wrong to keep him from having a good life with Mr. Brownlow, so she returns Oliver to him. Bill finds out what Nancy did and is so angry that he beats her to death. In the end, Bill ends up dead, Dodger ends up in jail, Fagin turns his life around and quits the thief business, and Oliver goes back to live with Mr. Brownlow, who has discovered that Oliver is actually his nephew. This is a very good play (and I'm not just saying that because I was in it). There are funny parts, there are scary parts, and there are parts that make you want to cry. Oliver! is definitely high on my Must-See Musicals list.

Oliver! Lyrics

Where is Love?
You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two
As Long As He Needs Me
Reviewing the Situation
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