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Little Orphan Annie

Quite frankly, I don't know a person I've met that doesn't know the story of Little Orphan Annie, but I suppose those people do exist. Annie is about a 10-year-old orphan girl growing up in New York during the Great Depression. She lives in an orphanage that's run by a cruel (and often very drunk) woman named Miss Hannigan. Annie spends most of her time thinking about the parents that left her on the orphanage steps until, one day, she is taken to spend Christmas at the home of Oliver Warbucks, the richest man in New York, and probably all of America at the time. Mr. Warbucks agrees to help Annie find her birth parents, but Miss Hannigan and her brother Rooster want to get in on the cash that he's offering to anyone who can prove that Annie is their child. They try to trick Annie and Mr. Warbucks, but only succeed in getting caught. Annie finally realizes that she has all the family she needs in her "Daddy" Warbucks and his assistant (and soon to be love interest) Grace. In the process, she also manages to help start the road to recovery from the Depression and help out the whole country.

Annie Lyrics

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